We are now in the process of nominating officers for the next fraternal year. If you are interested in a position, please reach out to the trustees so that your name can be put on the list of candidates. If you are interested in an officer position, please notify one of the trustees. Pete Joyce’s email is psjoyce57@gmail.com, Gregg Lombardo’s email is gpl975@verizon.net, and Steve Webster’s email is srwwa@verizon.net. Please note that you must be a 3rd or 4th Degree knight in good standing to be eligible for election to an officer position. I have included below a brief description of the officer positions up for election. Please note that the Lecturer, Financial Secretary, and Chaplain positions are not on this list because candidates for those offices are appointed by the Grand Knight (and in the Financial Secretary’s case, confirmed by the Supreme Council).

Grand Knight: The public face of the Knights. The Grand Knight should be the Knight that all other Knights should aspire to be. The Grand Knight is in charge of running the meetings and is the council’s ultimate decision maker on any matter not set by motions at a council meeting. The Grand Knight serves as a member ex officio of all committees and all program directors report back to him. The Grand Knight must not be afraid to speak in public and to meet prospective members of the Knights. He must be very confident of himself and of his council. Basically, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Deputy Grand Knight: The Deputy Grand Knight is second only to the Grand Knight. If something happens to the Grand Knight, the Deputy Grand Knight is in charge. Being Deputy Grand Knight means being able to do things behind the scenes. The Deputy Grand Knight must have respect for the Grand Knight because those two Knights work hand in hand. The Deputy Grand Knight is often the Grand Knight in training. He also must be outgoing, willing to take on responsibility, and work on recruiting new members.

Chancellor: Chancellor is a great honor to have in the council. The duty of the Chancellor is to help the Grand Knight to strengthen the current members’ interest in council activities, especially with regard to vocations, and to go out and recruit new members into the council. He should be someone who is familiar with the members of the council, and further is not afraid of speaking in public and making new friends.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is in charge of all financial activity that goes on in the council. When disbursements and receipts need to be made to our checking account, the Treasurer will do that. He is also responsible for helping the Financial Secretary keep the funds in order.

Advocate:The Advocate is the spokesperson and representative for the Knights. He is also responsible for knowing the Constitution, Rules, and Laws of the order as well as Robert’s Rules of Order.

Recorder: The Recorder is responsible for accurately recording the minutes at council meetings and reading them to the members. He is also responsible for knowing what projects his fellow Knights are looking into.

Trustees: (3 year and 1 year) There are three Trustees in the council. Serving as a Trustee is typically a three year commitment with the 2 year and 1 year positions filled by succession. The Trustees are needed to sign council documents and oversee the work of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary. They are also responsible for considering any proposals brought before the council and making recommendations, as well as assisting with retention of members that have not paid dues.

Warden: The Warden is basically the bouncer at meetings. He is also responsible for roll call at meetings and checking everyone’s membership card at the meeting to ensure it is current.

Inside and Outside Guards (1 each): The Guards are a symbolic representation of our order. They represent “secrecy” and must not allow anyone without proper membership into council meetings.